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What is MCERTS?


MCERTS is a performance standard establish by the UK Envirnoment Agency in order to ensure that equipment being used for Monitoring purposes is capable of delivering reliable samples or data to the appropriate monitoring body

The Environment Agency established its Monitoring Certification Scheme (MCERTS) to ensure the delivery of quality environmental measurements. The MCERTS product certification scheme provides for the certification of products according to Environment Agency performance standards, based on relevant CEN, ISO and national standards. The Environment Agency has published performance standards for Continuous Water Monitoring equipment (CWMS) such as Automatic Wastewater Sampling Equipment. This can be downloaded from the Environment Agencies website

In 2005 Aquamatic was the first wastewater sampler manufacturer to receive a coveted Environment Agency Monitoring Certification Scheme MCERTS certificate from SIRA Certification Service (SCS). Since then EVERY Aquacell Wastewater Sampler in the current range has been MCERTS Certified

MCERTS also is more broadly applicable to ensuring the process of monitoring is reliable and accurately reflects the compliance of a given site to any applicable laws, for example it mandates independent audits to ensure that best practises are being followed and that all monitoring equipment and installations are appropriate for the monitoring required

The standard was designed to underpin confidence in the analysis of untreated sewage, treated sewage effluents and trade effluents. Furthermore, MCERTS aims to promote the professional reputation of staff and organisations involved in sewage and effluent testing. It is administered by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS)