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Record reception for new Sampler Range   You are here: Home » News Detail

28th July 2016

After an initial sneak preview at WWEM 2014 the first production version of the new Aquacell S300 Series Sampler range rolled out of the Manchester factory in April last year. Since then the response for Aquamatic’s new fixed site wastewater sampler has been nothing short of remarkable. In the 12 months since its launch sales of the Aquacell S300 Series have almost doubled that of the previous same period. The new unit, retains the MCERTS Certified Aquacell Sampling Module which sits at the core of every Aquamatic Sampler and incorporates various new features which further aid installation, operation and service support.

Jeremy Smith, Aquamatic’s MD, commented: ‘We always hoped that our new S300 range would be met with a positive response from the market but the record sales figures since launch have more than exceeded our expectations. As people know our focus has always been to design and manufacture robust, reliable and simple to use Samplers, this philosophy can be seen again in this update to our stationary cabinet range. We also make great efforts to back up our products with the highest level of customer service and support, we think this has been another key factor in achieving these outstanding results. We hope this recent success will further enhance our reputation as a leading supplier of Wastewater Samplers to the UK and the rest of the world.

Full information on the new Aquacell S300 Series can be found at