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Aquamatic Wins Framework Hat-Trick   You are here: Home » News Detail

10th March 2016

AMP 6 has been a very successful period for Aquamatic Ltd. 2015 saw the Manchester based Automatic Wastewater Sampler Manufacturer win its third UK Water Company Framework contract in 18 months.

Aquamatic is a leading UK manufacturer of automatic wastewater samplers, with a large install base throughout the world. The entire Aquamatic range is MCERTS certified and consists of Portable, Wall Mounted and Stationary Sampling systems. Included in the range is the popular Aquacell S320H stationary refrigerated model, which is commonly specified for Water Company WwTW applications. Key to Aquamatics range the is their unique Aquacell Sampling module, which uses a robust, wide-bore vacuum pump system to collect truly repeatable, representative samples.

Jeremy Smith, Aquamatic’s Managing Director, was delighted with the news: ‘We were very pleased to be awarded this latest AMP 6 Framework, for a long time it has been a real goal of our company to expand its Water Company customer base, so achieving this was fantastic. Winning 3 Water Company Frameworks on top of already supplying to other non frameworked Water Companies is an excellent achievement. Everyone at Aquamatic is very proud of our success and looking forward to working with these companies going forwards, further building on the excellent relationships we have with them.’

Aquamatic’s Samplers will be used throughout the Water Company’s wastewater networks, automatically collecting samples at various key points from within the many WwTWs in their respective regions. The Samplers will help monitor site performance both in terms of influents being received and final effluents being released. Portable systems are also used to aid testing and ‘proving out’ of pilot projects and sensitive areas within the networks.