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New Aquacell S50 Enclosure introduced   You are here: Home » News Detail

1st January 2010

In a simple application where a composite sample is required which has to be stored securely, Aquamatic have introduced the Aquacell S50 Enclosure.

As the name suggests this high quality, IP65 enclosure is designed for use with the highly acclaimed, MCERTS compliant Aquacell S50 Wastewater Sampler. Being lockable, the S50 Enclosure will keep collected samples secure whilst awaiting retrieval by the authorised operator, this security feature also ensures that the Sampler and its program remain unaltered once being set. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications (when combined with the optional Anti-Frost Heating System), the Aquacell S50 Enclosure provides an extremely versatile, secure and low cost option where a truly representative composite sample is all that is required.

The Aquacell S50 Enclosure, when combined with the MCERTS compliant Aquacell S50 Wastewater Sampler gives users the following features:

  • Uncompromised Aquacell Sampling Module performance
  • Floor mounted IP65 GRP enclosure (H750xW500xD420mm)
  • Accommodation for Time, Flow or Event triggered sampling
  • Choice of composite Sample Collection Vessels ranging from 1 to 12 litres in volume
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor operation (when combined with optional Anti-Frost Heating System)
  • Lockable door ensuring both Sampler Module and collected samples are kept secure
  • Drainage holes in base avoiding build up of spilt effluents
  • Mounting feet, providing air gap beneath box thus minimising stagnation of rain water and / or effluent
  • Internal lugs in base provide the option to fix Aquacell S50 Enclosure to the ground

This compact and rugged enclosure can sit discretely adjacent to your effluent source where it will collect and securely store your samples whilst awaiting collection. Even in the most aggresive environment the S50 Enclosure will provide excellent protection for your Aquacell S50 Sampler and the ‘all important’ collected composite samples. The Intake Hose (supplied with Aquacell S50 Sampler) can enter the enclosure through the side or base dependant on application.
As always with Aquamatic, professional and friendly support is available throughout the whole customer experience, from initial consultation to onsite commissioning, operational training and ongoing maintenance.

Click here for more information on the new Enclosure - Aquacell S50 or contact our offices on the telephone or email address at the top of this page.