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Aquamatic introduces the 'all new' Pressurised Pipeline Interface   You are here: Home » News Detail

1st August 2009

Further enhancing the flexibility of its well established Aquacell Wastewater Sampler range, Aquamatic has now introduced the excellent ‘all new’ Pressurised Pipeline Interface.

Working alongside any of the Aquacell Wastewater Samplers, the new Aquamatic Pressurised Pipeline Interface provides the perfect solution for sampling effluent from a pressurised source. Once installed the Pressurised Pipeline Interface elegantly extracts a volume of effluent from a pressurised source (upto 6 BAR) and presents it to the Aquacell Sampling Module. The Sampling Module will then extract a sample shot (volume defined by the user) from this collected volume in its standard, time honoured way.

Providing an Interface device between the Sampler and the effluent source, rather than developing a whole new Sampler model, provides customers with all of the familiar functionality and performance of the Aquacell sampler, plus the ability to extract accurate, reliable and representative wastewater samples from their pressurised pipelines.

The Pressurised Pipeline Interface combined with any of the MCERTS compliant Aquacell Wastewater Samplers gives Aquamatic customers the following features:

  • Uncompromised Aquacell Sampling Module performance*
  • Pneumatically operated diaphragm valves providing excellent blockage resistance, and exceptional tolerance to solids
  • Accurate and reliable sampling from pipelines up to 6 Bar in pressure
  • Choice of operation mode, Time, Flow or Event
  • Time / Date start and stop of sampling routines
  • User definable sample shot volume (50ml - 300ml)
  • Indoor or outdoor operation

Install, switch on and start sampling! A criticism often pitched against pressurised pipeline samplers is the complexity of installation and setup. With the Aquamatic Pressurised Pipeline Interface installation and setup are quick and easy. As always with Aquamatic, professional and friendly support is available throughout the whole customer experience, from initial consultation to onsite commissioning, operational training and ongoing maintenance.

The Pressurised Pipeline Interface is offered in two formats, ‘Standard’ and ‘S300 Series’. The Standard option can used with the Aquacell S50, S100, S200 and all Portable units, and is offered as a wall mounted unit. The S300 Series Pressurised Pipeline Interface is conveniently mounted onto the right hand side of any of the four Aquacell S300 Series models and can even be plumbed into the optional S300 Wastewater Drain.

Click here for more information on the ‘all new’ Pressurised Pipeline Interface or contact our offices on the telephone or email address at the top of this page.